BPO Services



We provide scalable and reliable BPO Services. We focus on quality of customer service processes to bring world standard customer support experience. We not only focus on the key result areas but also on the key performance indicators that build the journey to a great customer experience and loyalty.

Quality and quantity matter and balancing that is what our team expertise on. We help you build processes that perform. We continuously strive to make the processes better with each passing month. Looking to build an outsource team that keeps your company values on top while saving you your precious time and money, feel free to contact us to discuss.

Inbound Call Center

Call center services are most optimised when you get the responsiveness needed for growth of your business. We help you build team that takes care of customers as the king and provide you with the live reports as you expect.

Outbound Call Center

Looking to create a outbound team that supports your existing customer data or sales and marketing teams? We help to support your existing functions or give added push to your sales targets or bottomlines? We can help you build your outbound teams that work as per the process devised by you and as per your business needs

Data Entry Services

Data is the raw material for each business that aims to covert it into gold. Do not let ie rust. Our data team can help you build and maintain it. We can provide robust data management services including data entry, data management, data analysis, reporting and more.

Chat Support Services

Providing customer timely and precise infomation is the aim of any chat service. We can help you build a robust integreated lean chat management process that works for you

Compliance and KYC Services

Need to get your staff or customers compliant as per your process. Our team can help you get your customer become compliant to your required KYC/compliance standards.

Email Support Services

Getting too many emails to sort and looking to ensure no email is missed? Our email support process can help you optimise your email support services and resolve customer queries efficiently and quickly

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BPO is an organization that helps other companies with proving a space where some basic customer centric activities are performed. It may include a Call Center which is a centralized office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone.

It typically has an open workspace for call center agents, with workstations that include a computer for each agent, a telephone set/headset connected to a telephone switch, and one or more supervisor stations. Call center services enable outsourcing of business processes while ensuring the business values are intact.

Buyers may either opt for inbound or outbound call centers and may also opt for Manpower, Infrastructure, Help Desk services for incoming calls, MIS/Report generation and maintenance for grievance redressal system. The service can be procured in two ways viz. Cost Per Seat Basis or Cost Per Connect Minute Basis. 

The Cost Per Seat method of procurement is more prevalent and is typically used by buyers having a relatively moderate number of calls per day (in thousands), whereas, the Cost Per Connect Minute method is more commonly used in telecom industry when the volume of calls per day is high (in million) and the details of each call connection is also available with Buyer.